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What is INNOluxe? Why I now recommend it on every colour service.

Over the years there have been many rebond style products hitting the market and believe me, I've used a fair few of the leading competitors including Olaplex, Wellaplex and Smartbond.

When Smartbond was withdrawn from the UK market, I was a little gutted but I needed to find a replacement and I wasn't going to settle for just anything!

Sophia Hilton - INNOluxe Ambassador

The founder of Not Another Salon and Hair Guru firstly drew my attention to the INNOluxe brand describing it's V2 range as a product that "takes it further than I thought was possible. It rebuilds the hair like never before, but equally important, the client’s going to really feel it. The hair feels fatter, it’s thicker and sexier and smoother instantly – which is pretty awesome".

Good enough for Sophia Hilton - SOLD!


After using it in the salon a couple of times, I couldn't get enough. The results were phenomenal and it was as Sophia Hilton had said.... If not better!

Smartbond who?

So What Is The INNOluxe V2 Range?

Rebond V2

Rebond V2's formula penetrates the hair right to its cortex, building super-strong sulphur bonds to strengthen hair from the inside out. It also repairs the hair at a faster rate than chemical treatments such as pre-lightener are able to damage it. When this treatment is added into any colour service the end result will be incredibly strong, repaired but also healthy shiny hair.

INNOluxe Treatment Package Step 1 of 3

Balance Plus V2

Balance Plus V2 continues the impressive work of Rebond V2 by restoring the hair’s optimal pH, creating even more strength and elasticity, and building up resistance to heat and other stresses. The result for you as the client? Your hair will feel amazing, looks sumptuous and is full of brilliant healthy shine!

INNOluxe Treatment Package Step 2 of 3

Elixir V2

Elixir V2 is a highly concentrated luxurious leave in treatment that leaves your hair looking and feeling amazing for longer. Its Benefits include:

  • Builds anti-break strength

  • Enhances elasticity, gloss and shine

  • Protects from physical & environmental stresses

  • Heat-activated repair

INNOluxe Treatment Package Step 3 of 3

**Elixir V2 is also available as a take home product at BENJAMINROSSHAIR, so you can keep that luxurious feel between your salon visits. RRP £22.50 - 100ml**

Who do I recommend it for?

At BENJAMINROSSHAIR I feel it is important that you leave the salon after receiving the best quality service and also that your hair continues to look at its best for as long as possible. I would therefore recommend that ALL clients receiving any colour service especially pre-lightener add the INNOluxe Treatment Package to their colour service, not only because it keeps your hair looking and feeling at its best, It can also aid in pre-longing the vibrancy of your colour too!

INNOluxe Treatment Package - £25

Do you want to know more about this amazing product? Ask me at your next appointment or leave your question in the comments below!


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