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Your Hair Styling Favourites Are Back On The Shelves At BENJAMINROSSHAIR

"Creating that salon finished look at home doesn't have to be difficult, as long as you're equipped with the right products!"

Your hair styling favourites are back in stock at BENJAMINROSSHAIR, with a few new and exciting products to keep your hair looking salon perfect for longer!



Web is a sculpting fibrous paste to mould, shape and define the hair with a natural-looking shiny finish.

Ideal for creating structured or tousled looks, defining strands.

RRP: £16


Volume Lift is a root-lift-light mousse that will leave ends light and supple whilst creating volume at the roots.

Ideal for creating voluminous styles when blowdrying

RRP: £13


Savage Panache is a dry touch texturizing powder spray. The perfect product to add grip and texture to enhance any hairstyles.

Ideal for creating messy and texturised looks, thick & secured braids and

up-do's, 60’s XXL hairstyles.

RRP: £16


Constructor is a thermo-active spray for texture and flexible hold for voluminous and wavy hairstyles.

Perfect for textured, crimped or wavy hair or to add body for fine hair.

RRP: £16


Ring Light Pure Spray is L'Oréal Professionals first micro-dispersed professional high shine spray for the lightest yet gleamiest ring-light effect. Formulated without added fragrance for the cleanest use and comfort.

Perfect for adding overall shine for any look; slicked, and ultra shiny up-do's and ponytails.

RRP: £16


Pli Shaper is a heat-activated spray that gives shape, and memory to the hair. Pli can also be used as a styling primer to add body and discipline to the look, while keeping a soft texture and natural feel.

Ideal for creating wavy or supple blowdries & wave-set styles.

RRP £16


Beach Waves texturizing salt spray gives you that on-trend beachy hair effect, without the rough touch. The styling essential for a matte texturized look.

Perfect for creating Texturized beach waves, messy looks.

RRP: £16

Want to know more about any of styling range?

Ask me about these amazing products at your next appointment!

Ben x

**Additional TECNI ART Products to be added in the future**

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